((My Way)) Testimonial – Brooke

3rd February 2015

The bespoke care ((My Way)) service is already receiving very positive feedback from those using the service.  A testimonial has been provided by a service user that is accessing the service from the Brooke branch.

Testimonial – provided by a service user of the Brooke branch, Mr Sawyer:

“I have been using Manorcourt’s My Way service since I came out of hospital following an operation on a benign brain tumour.

Before I went into hospital, I had no symptoms, I collapsed and was discovered by my gardener, who peered through the letterbox and saw me lying in the doorway, where I had been for three days. I considered using the free Red Cross service for six weeks, but My Way was recommended by Addenbrooke’s Hospital and having used the service for five months, I would certainly recommend it.

There is a branch down in Brooke in the industrial centre and I’ve been in there and met Paula and the girls and they are all very friendly.

I have two My Way carers who visit me in my home on different days to ensure that I am eating properly and taking my tablets. I have always been very independent and I still cook for myself, but my illness has affected my memory and my confidence, so my carers, Dale and Ben, help with shopping and other simple tasks such as soaking my feet and making the bed.

They are both very happy to provide additional services: Ben set the timer on my central heating and even helped me with a computer issue the other day and Dale did some hoovering. I trust them and it is reassuring to know that I have someone coming round on a daily basis to help out.”