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A Thank You from Emily

18th September 2020

Emily Ranoble, manager of the Saffron Walden branch of Manorcourt Homecare asked to share a special message of thanks, following a fantastic team effort to support a couple in their moment of need:

Emily Ranoble:

“I would like to extend an extra special message of thanks to several people for their exceptional efforts last night at Mr and Mrs Bolton’s. They had a significant leak in the water tank in the loft and there was a lot of water coming through the ceiling, scarily this was affecting the electrics.

Beth Wright who was on call attended as soon as she was made aware of the situation and coordinated the rest of the team superbly. Not only our team but the live in care team as well, and also kept the family up to date with what was happening and corresponded with the emergency services as they needed to attend to make the property secure.

Regional Director Paula Poulton thanked Beth for her efforts and said her handling of the situation showed great confidence and maturity.  

In addition, Dave Cadge was an absolute hero. When the live-in carer called him, he went round to help without any hesitation arriving at 10pm. Dave then stayed for the entire night, helping to care for John and Joyce and keep everything calm. He only left at 8am the next morning when someone arrived to take over.  

Glyn Johnson also demonstrated what an excellent team player he is. His shift was due to finish at 10pm but he stayed on an extra 5 hours until 3am! He did not leave until the fire brigade had arrived to make the property secure and knew it was safe. Glyn has only been with us a short amount of time, but showed what a kind and committed member of the team he is.  

I would also like to thank Sophie Nash who covered the night shift at another customer to allow Beth Wright to remain on site at the Bolton’s.

This was an excellent example of outstanding team work, organisation and dedication. The commitment shown by the team working that night to keep our customers safe and reassured was incredible.

Thank you to you all.”

For more information on the range of home-based care services available from the team at Saffron Walden, telephone: 01799 529312.