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"Terry wanted to compliment the staff for their caring nature making him feel welcome and nice."

"We think we are in heaven.  We would like to say how good the care workers are.  They can’t do enough for us."

"I am delighted and touched by the care and concern of your carers for my Father.  Also, for the regular updates that I am receiving."

"I used my alarm and my carer responded immediately.  She responded to the emergency in a very capable and confident manner and called an ambulance for me.  She was very caring and reassuring whilst waiting with me until the ambulance arrived.  I want to say thank you for this excellent service."

"I am very grateful for how she is being cared for by you and your staff and carers.  She is clearly getting excellent support and my family and I are much in your debt."

"Thank you for the fantastic job you did looking after Dad.  We know he came to trust and rely on you all and for that we were very happy.  You are a wonderful team and ‘thank you’ does not cover how we really feel."

"I have to tell you that they are all absolutely wonderful.  I can not ask more; very caring, happy, do lots for my husband.  The best caring company I have met ever.  Please thank all your carers and tell them how good they are."

"Living in Canada and being so far away from my Father, I really appreciate the regular feedback.  While I have been here visiting my Father the carers have taken time to discuss concerns, offer solutions, alternatives and gone out of their way to help me.  I see and am reassured by the caring and concern of those who look after my Dad and am impressed by their professionalism and dedication."

"Mrs E commented today on how nice our uniforms are and how smart we all look."

"The professionalism shown by your team is phenomenal.  Communication between your office staff, carers and myself has been fantastic - even my Mother's GP has been impressed with the detailed notes passed on to them by your carers.  It is clear your staff enjoy working for the company and that you value your team. Please pass on my heartfelt thanks to your amazing team.  I would have no hesitation in recommending your care agency to anyone."

"I would like to express my thanks and appreciation to the carers who showed compassion and understanding to my sister over the past 8 years.  I know that my sister and I thought a lot of the ladies who have done a great job of serving her every day needs and establishing a friendship that was needed to brighten up her days of confinement."  

"Thank you for all your help and support.  The carers were such caring and thoughtful ladies who my husband thought very much of."

"I would just like to thank all the carers who looked after my Mum over the years.  I really appreciate all the help you gave me.  Thank you."

"We have two carers that have been with my mum for about five years. They are very good carers, they make sure everything that has to be done for Mum is done.  They have respect and kindness for her, and they were very good to her when she first moved into her new home.  Thank you, as the carers are doing their job right."

"You are doing a good job and it is essential that I have got someone that I can rely on. Thank you."

"The girls are all very nice, polite and caring."

"Dad’s regular carers are good with him and know how to treat him and get on well with each other.  Also when I have to speak to the office you are all helpful."

"You have a good team of care workers and should be recommended to anyone in need of care."

"All carers have been professional and caring and also all enquiries made with the office and assessors have been dealt with efficiency and in a sympathetic manner."

"We are both very happy with your service.  All the care workers that have visited have been polite, friendly and very caring.  It is of a great help knowing when I am not there, my husband is being well cared for.  We are more than happy with the service you are providing at present.  Carry on the good work, we are very grateful!"

"Staff are courteous, helpful and accommodating.  They talk to Mum all the time and respect her.  I am particularly impressed by how the office staff liaise with me over my Mum’s care."
"They are always very kind."
"All staff are very good but the management team Lesley and Rhona are excellent staff and care given is very good."
"All the carers are very nice and helpful."
"Everyone is great I see Esther a lot and she is very good and thinks of mum also Jessica Lesley and Rhona are brilliant Thank you for all the care you give to mum “  Palliative care now transferred to live in package."
"Very pleased with all care given to mum"
"The office always listens and acts on what is said or asked,  carers always friendly and polite."
"I'm very grateful that the senior nurse on Poplar Ward in Epping Hospital was able to arrange a care package with you. I couldn’t have managed without them I like the uniforms they wear and attention to hygiene. I feel I have made several new friends."
"Thanks to all the staff here at Sumners Farm Close for looking after me so well particularly when I first came and was in such pain after my fall, I thank god for bringing me here and pray that he will bless you all, Grateful love."

"Thank you Gill and Hayley for your care and support"

"Praise for the professional, calm and supportive help during the weekend."

"My mum has asked me to thank everyone she met through Manorcourt, especially those who made regular visits to her home and who showed kindness and compassion."

"I shall never be able to thank you enough for sending Hayley to me so much this week."

"Hayley is a wonderful encouragement, with my grateful thanks."

"To all those who came to look after Mr X at home (especially Gill and Hayley whom we saw the most).  I would like to thank you all very much for helping me make his which to end his life at home possible.  He passed away peacefully, thank you."

"To all the lovely carers and staff at Manorcourt Homecare who have been looking after him these last few months.  You're a wonderful team and a cery efficient and caring agency doing a very difficult job."


“There are not enough words to convey how marvellous Manorcourt deal with everything whether it is something small or larger; it is a really professional service.”
“Our carers are efficient, courteous, informal and helpful.”
“Very satisfied with all care given, friendly staff that do the job well.  Never had any reason to complain”.
“It’s so nice to see the carers first thing in the morning.  When one lives alone it’s nice to see smiling faces first thing.  All the carers I have are very helpful in every way.”
“All my Mother’s carers are lovely people and treat her with care and respect.”
“There are not enough words to convey how marvellous Manorcourt deal with everything whether it is something small or larger; it is a really professional service.”
“Our carers are efficient, courteous, informal and helpful.”
“Very satisfied with all care given, friendly staff that do the job well.  Never had any reason to complain”.
“It’s so nice to see the carers first thing in the morning.  When one lives alone it’s nice to see smiling faces first thing.  All the carers I have are very helpful in every way.”
“All my Mother’s carers are lovely people and treat her with care and respect.”

‘One of the most person centred care reviews I have ever attended with a care provider; I will definitely recommend this service to my colleagues’. Social Worker
‘Life was much more tolerable for my wife due to the care provided by the excellent staff, I am so grateful she was able to pass away peacefully at home’.  Husband of client

'Thank you so much for being able to put mums care back in place with such short notice, allowing her to get home so quickly and giving me peace of mind, it is very appreciated'. Daughter of a Customer

"We just want to let you all know how much we appreciated everything that you did for our Mother, and for doing it with such care and compassion, my Mother loved them all.  Thank you to all the office staff who answered my calls.  Had we not had so much support from you all, we would not have managed."  Service User's family member

"I would like to thank you all so much for the beautiful flowers you sent me and the kind words when we recently lost Mum.  Also a special thank you to all of our regular care workers for their kindness and help - Mum was very fond of them all."  Daughter of a Service User

"Thank you for helping!  During my Stepfather's recent need for extra help, this was all dealt with so well with your experience and patience as the situation prolonged.  Thankfully my fears of the uncertain situation was resolved and in my view this could not have happened without your care, co-operation, help and indeed trying your best for my Father's care.  Thank you for everything."  Daughter of a Service User following change in care

"I am writing to you to express my heartfelt thanks for the wonderful job Emma Domb, manager of the Saffron Walden branch of Manorcourt homecare, has done on behalf of my mother Ruth Hindle.

My Mother, who is 92 and lives alone, has a diagnosis of Alzheimer's Disease. I live In the US and my brother in France , so Mother has no relatives living close by. Since we started services with Manorcourt homecare Emma has gone beyond the call of duty in coordinating care. Initially Mother had intermittent care workers , and after several falls at home she now has to have 24 hour in -home care.

On Monday this week Emma worked into the evening hours , and made several trips to my mother's home herself , to ensure the smooth transition of the new 24 hour care person. There have been many challenges for Emma which she has handled graciously and efficiently despite the very resistant and often difficult attitude of my mother! She has communicated with us frequently and effectively and we appreciate all of her efforts.

Please convey our sincere thanks to Emma and her staff. She is a wonderful asset to your company."

"I am emailing to say a big thank you to all of the South Norfolk Carers team".

"From the outset Dad has been cared for with dignity and professionalism".

"On the day I first made contact with South Norfolk Carers I have had confidence in the quality and type of care. Nicky assessed Dad's needs and was a lifeline at a difficult time. David was quickly in place to care for Dad and he was an excellent carer; when Dad had to go into hospital it was no problem to temporarily stop his home care".

"Once Dad was out of hospital the office team at SNC kept me well informed and always answered any questions over the 'phone promptly and fully. Any changes that we have had to make to Dad's care you were able to accommodate straight away".

"Dad has most recently had Andrew as a carer and he has been outstanding, really outstanding, forming a professional and supportive bond when caring for Dad, even switching to night care with less than 24 hours notice and so enabling Dad to enjoy as much time in his home of 30 years as possible".

"As you know both myself and my sister live a long way from dad and so it has been so important to be able to rely on the team to care for Dad and help us to solve any issues".

"It takes a good team to be able to solve complex and varying health needs of your clients and to respond to our questions and the worries of us family members".

"Everyone in the South Norfolk Carers team has done their utmost to help us and (most importantly) Dad."

"I wanted to extend my gratitude to all who had contributed to the wonderful and dedicated work of looking after Mrs Cook in her last weeks and months.  It is clear that you were all a great source of support for her and made such a difference to her over that time.  None of the medical care that we gave would have been possible without your team there, collecting and delivering medication, patiently helping her to take it and for keeping such a close eye on her to let us know what was happening when she was unable to herself." (Dr Thomas, Old Mill Surgery)

"I have been using Manorcourt Care's My Way service since I came out of hospital in August 2014, following an operation on a benign brain tumour.  Before I went into hospital, I had no symptoms, I collapsed and was discovered by my gardener who peered through the letterbox and saw me lying in the doorway, where I had been for three days.  I considered using the free Red Cross service for six weeks but My Way was recommended by Addenbrookes Hospital and having used the service for 5 months, I would certainly recomment it. I have always been very independent and I still cook for myself, but my illness has affected my memory and my confidence, so my carers help with shopping and other simple tasks.  I trust them and it is reassuring to know that I have someone coming round on a daily basis to help out."

"I would like to put on record how grateful I am for the excellent care given to me by all the carers.  They all show signs of being very genuine in looking after me which I really do need at this time in my life."

"I would like to thank you for the considerate and patient care you gave my Father.  Please could you pass on my thanks to the carers who helped my Father and Mother (when she was alive).  It was comforting to know they were being well cared for."

"Just a quick note to say how pleased we have been with the staff who have come and looked after Dad over the recent weeks.  We have been very pleased with the way things have been handled - especially when you responded to a short notice request to provide additional visits at lunchtimes." 

'I'm just writing to thank everybody for the way they are looking after me.  Through my illness they are excellent workers; I'm very proud to have them visit me as they are just great.  I say this from the bottom of my heart.  Once again thank you all for everything."

'Just to say many thanks for all your help and kindness shown to me and my family.  You are all stars.'

'I would like to thank the staff for being helpful to me during my husband's illness.  A big thank you to the carers, for looking after him and making him laugh.  He thought a lot of them, and thanks for being kind to me.'

'Would you please thank all the members of your staff who helped in any way to care for my wife during the last seven weeks of her life.  Your kindness and support helped me greatly through the last two months, and I really appreciate it.'

'Following a recent period when you provided 24 hour care for my client I felt that I had to put on record the excellent level of service provided.  Previous experiences when her main live in carer has been on holiday care has not been up to standard regarding the carers involved and it was so good to have a team of experienced and trained carers allocated by yourselves during this period.  I was able to relax in the knowledge that she was extremely well cared for and we experienced no major problems during the period of your involvement, which in my mind is a really excellent outcome.'

'To all that helped in the care of my Dad.  We would like to say a very big thank you to the carers for all the kindness that was shown to him over the last few months.  To Anita for her cool head and kind heart, and Andrew for his support on the morning of his passing.  To the office for always managing to fit in the sit-ins, even at the very shortest of notice.  We feel privileged to have you all.'

'I am very happy with the help they have both given me.  It has helped me get back on my feet.'

'I just wanted to thank you and your staff for providing great support to my clients.  I am really pleased with the support they receive.  As a service, you have managed to provide local, consistent and continuous support to my clients who are really pleased with their support.  Providing support to disabled parents has always been an issue for our team because the provider needs to work across both services and Manorcourt has achieved this offering disabled parents honesty, reality and the ability to engage.' (East Norfolk Community Learning Disabilities Team)



"I would just like to congratulate you on your carers; what a wonderful group of ladies you have.  They are caring for my Mum 4 times a daily and are so kind and patient, nothing is too much for them. Keep up the good work, I feel very at ease knowing such lovely people are caring so well for Mum. Thank you."

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