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Live In Care may be suitable if you have high dependency needs, complex care needs, recovering from a long stay in hospital or following a serious illness. Provided on a short or long term basis, the objective is to enable you to live as comfortably and safely as possible, whilst promoting independence for as long as possible within your home environment.

We offer long term or respite bespoke services offering person centred care incorporating an holistic approach thus enabling our clients to stay living in their own home inclusive of household and pet management.

Live In Care ensures you or a loved one can remain in the comfort, familiar and secure surroundings of your/their own home.  There is no need for relocation into a care home which can entail much upheaval.

Live In Care entails a carer to reside in your home providing you or a loved one with the care and support you deserve in a dignified way.  Your Live In Carer will support you during the day and evening around you and your lifestyle.

Your general wellbeing will be maintained or will even increase with the company of your Live In Carer.  You will have consistent companionship in your own home alongside care provided by a Carer who understands you and your needs.

In addition to assisting with your care and support needs, your Live In Carer can help with domestic tasks can support you in your hobbies, arranging holidays/short breaks, leisure activities as well as being a good companion.

Our Live In Services Team will complete an initial assessment of you or a loved one, ensuring the Live In Carer placed has the most appropriate experience and skill set to match you or your loved one’s needs and expectations.

Live In Care brings a wealth of benefits, with individuals or couples staying in their own homes and living their lives in the way they wish and maintaining their links with their local community.  Families and friends have peace of mind knowing their loved one/s are safe, has company and is being well cared for.  It is important to Manorcourt Homecare that those we care for maintain their independence and the freedom to live life their way.

In selecting Manorcourt Homecare Live In Care, you are choosing to continue living in the comfort of your own home, making your own choices.

Beryl's Case Study

Beryl has dementia, both her and her family were adamant she is to stay in her own home for as long as possible. She has gone from being a very active client attending a gardening club and going shopping, to choosing to stay in bed a lot of the time as she feels safe there. Beryl doesn’t like too many people in her home at one time as it makes her feel anxious and would often make her retreat back to her room. Tabeth has been Beryl’s main carer for some time now and although they have good and bad days with the dementia they have an incredible bond and both Beryl and her family are happy with the care they receive from Tabeth. Beryl loves to sing and dance and often when she does come downstairs to the lounge the music is put on and they have a good sing along and dance session.

Beryl is 84 and we have been caring for her since January 2017. Prior to that, the team looked after her husband within the live in service so Beryl has been part of Manorcourt Homecare for quite some time.